NH Supreme Court upholds House Redistricting Plan

By Grant Bosse on June 19, 2012

(CONCORD) The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld the Legislature’s redistricting plan for the New Hampshire House, even though lawmakers admit the plan violates the New Hampshire Constitution. Five separate groups of litigants sued the State for adopting a new legislative map that fails to give several dozen towns their own seats in the Legislature, as mandated by the New Hampshire Constitution. Supporters of the new map claim that they were forced to ignore state law in order to comply with federal one-man, one-vote requirements.

Today’s decision in Manchester V. Gardner leaves in place the 400 seats which candidates filed to run in last week. Redistricting plans for Senate, Congressional, Executive Council, and County Commissioner districts were not challenged.

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State House Roundup

By Grant Bosse on June 7, 2012

NH Public Radio’s Josh Rogers reports that following yesterday’s failure to pass an education funding amendment through the House, it turns out Governor John Lynch never spoke to the House Democrats to support it.

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Feds clear NH Redistricting Plan

By Grant Bosse on June 5, 2012

Ted Siefer reports in the Union Leader that the U.S. Department of Justice has pre-cleared New Hampshire’s new political boundaries ahead of this week’s filing period for the 2012 elections.

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NH Supreme Court won’t delay filing period in redistricting lawsuit

By Grant Bosse on May 22, 2012

The Union Leader’s Garry Rayno reports that the NH Supreme Court will not block candidates from filing for office while it hears arguments on the disputed map for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

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Democrats make strongest case against redistricting

By Grant Bosse on May 1, 2012

House map draws three lawsuits

Back in November, I predicted that the House Redistricting Committee’s decision to ignore the New Hampshire Constitution in an attempt to avoid a federal challenge “virtually guarantees that the state would be sued in state court, and it would lose.” The first part of that prediction has happened. The second is on its way.

Last week, the new map for electing all 400 state representatives was hit with three separate lawsuits. The city of Manchester doesn’t like two of its wards sharing a district with Litchfield. The city of Concord objects to a ward sharing three seats with Hopkinton. And a group of Democrats from several contested districts is complaining about 62 towns and wards that don’t get their own seats.

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Three Challenges to NH Redistricting on Different Legal Grounds

By Grant Bosse on April 27, 2012

(CONCORD) The three legal challenges to New Hampshire’s 2012 House Redistricting plan each face very different legal challenges. The cities of Manchester and Concord have each filed suit, alleging that forcing their wards to share state representative districts with neighboring towns violates the New Hampshire Constitution. Concord Representative Mary Jane Wallner has filed a separate petition on behalf of local Democrats making the same claim.

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NH Watchdog Podcast- Redistricting

By Grant Bosse on April 27, 2012

On the Paul Westcott Show, Grant Bosse reviews the three lawsuits filed against the NH House redistricting plan, and concludes that while Manchester doesn’t have much of a case, a group of Democrats could get the entire map redrawn. Listen to the NH Watchdog Podcast.

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NH Watchdog on WGIR- Redistricting Maps head to court

By Grant Bosse on April 27, 2012

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott discuss the three lawsuits filed against New Hampshire’s new House districts in this week’s edition of NH Watchdog on WGIR. Tune into the Paul Westcott Show at 7:20 on AM610 WGIR, 96/7 The Wave, through the I Heart Radio ap, or online at WGIRam.com.

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12 Issues to Watch in 2012

By Grant Bosse on January 2, 2012

For the Monitor

I don’t need to write a column every week, so I don’t have to rely on hackneyed gimmicks like predictions list to fill space over the holidays. But that doesn’t mean I can’t. Here are twelve issues that will dominate New Hampshire’s political landscape in 2012, and some advice on how to deal with them.

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Bosse talks redistricting on NHPR

By Grant Bosse on December 21, 2011

Grant Bosse joins host Laura Knoy on NH Public Radio’s “The Exchange” to discuss redistricting. Listen live at NHPR.org. Grant will be calling in at approximately 9:20.

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