Public Utilities Commission is power mad

By Grant Bosse on June 17, 2013


The intelligent and hard-working members and staff at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission are working hard to lower your electric rate. They’re from the government, and they’re here to help.

The PUC and the New Hampshire Legislature have been trying to reduce New Hampshire’s shockingly high utility bills for a while now and have even introduced a sliver of market competition into the bureaucratic, overregulated, micromanaged labyrinth of electric rates.

Last week, the PUC recommended Public Service Company of New Hampshire, the state’s largest electric utility and the only one to generate much of its own power, sell its remaining generation assets. The Merrimack Station coal plant in Bow is at the heart of the issue.

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Let’s finally flip the switch on deregulation

By Grant Bosse on March 25, 2012

By Grant Bosse

Public Service Company of New Hampshire says that if it’s forced to sell off its remaining power plants, it would have to buy more expensive electricity and rates would go up. The other New England power generators claim that PSNH’s in-house generation assets are part of the reason why its rates are so high. In a standoff with the most unsympathetic opponents since the NBA lockout, most ratepayers are probably hoping both sides can lose.

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NH Watchdog Poll- PSNH Divestment

By Grant Bosse on March 23, 2012

The week, the NH House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee amended a bill forcing PSNH to sell off its remaining power generation assets, deferring the decision to the Public Utilities Commission. PSNH claims that a forced divestiture would lead to higher electric rates. Rival power generators argues that PSNH’s in-house power plants lead to higher rates. What do you think?

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NH Watchdog on WGIR- Electric Rates

By Grant Bosse on March 23, 2012

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott talk about the debate over forcing PSNH to sell off its remaining power plants, and what it could mean to your electric rates. Listen to NH Watchdog on the Paul Westcott Show every Friday at 7:20am on AM610 WGIR, 96.7 The Wave, through the I Heart Radio ap, or streaming at

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The Cloakroom- Who Turned Out the Lights in NH?

By Grant Bosse on December 1, 2011

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PSNH can’t pass on scrubber costs, yet

By Grant Bosse on November 17, 2011

Garry Rayno reports in the Union Leader that the Public Utilities Commission has delayed its decision on whether PSNH will be able to pass along the $430 million it paid to install a state-mandated scrubber at its Bow power plant on to ratepayers.

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NH House blocks eminent domain for Northern Pass power lines

By Grant Bosse on March 30, 2011

(CONCORD) In an overwhelming 317-51 vote, the New Hampshire this afternoon approved a bill blocking utilities from taking private land by eminent domain to build power lines, unless those lines are deemed necessary for system reliability. The legislation would put a major hurdle in plans to bring cheap hydroelectric power from Hydro-Quebec generators to the New England grid.

The 180-mile Northern Pass project would run mostly along existing right-of-ways owned by Public Service Company of New Hampshire. But there’s a 40-mile gap that would require new right-of-way to be cut through Coos County forests. Should HB 648 pass, PSNH would not be able to take that crucial land from unwilling owners.

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The Cloakroom- Retirement and Northern Pass

By Grant Bosse on March 24, 2011

Grant Bosse discusses reforms to the New Hampshire Retirement System with Senator Job Bradley, outlines the controversial Northern Pass project with PSNH spokesman Martin Murray, takes a first look at New Hampshire’s Census numbers and what it means for redistricting, and provides the results of the NH Watchdog Poll on education funding.

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UL- Wood-fired smokescreen: ‘Small’ carries a big price

By Grant Bosse on March 7, 2011

The Union Leader points out that New Hampshire’s high electric rates are the direct result of government mandates for PSNH to buy power from more expensive sources.

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Environmentalists use protectionism to attack NH Coal Plants

By Grant Bosse on May 20, 2010

In the Nashua Telegraph, David Brooks reports on a Union of Concerned Scientists report blasting PSNH for buying coal for its coal-fired power plants.

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