Obamacare’s problems are more than just a website

By Grant Bosse on October 28, 2013


There’s a very easy way to tell if you’ve been the victim of one of the many scam websites that popped up this month to take advantage of people trying to sign up for Obamacare. It worked. If you’ve tried to buy insurance through HealthCare.gov, you almost certainly couldn’t log on, couldn’t enter your personal information or couldn’t get accurate pricing for your limited insurance options.

President Obama says “the product is great” and that “it’s more than just a website.” But he’s scapegoating the online disaster for problems with the law that we’ve known were coming for three years.

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The left abandons the First Amendment

By Grant Bosse on May 20, 2013


The left’s simmering disdain for free speech went public this week. The Obama Administration’s abuse of power finally turned much of the left-leaning press corps against this increasingly Nixonian White House.

The final straw was the revelation that the Justice Department secretly seized two months of phone records from 20 separate Associated Press phone lines. The seizure was part of a criminal investigation into leaks revealed in May 2012 AP story on the foiled Underwear Bomb plot.

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This proves what I’ve always said…

By Grant Bosse on November 12, 2012


As the poet, philosopher, and Texas Governor Rick Perry so eloquently said, “Oops!”

The art of punditry is the ability to fit any new evidence into your pre-existing narrative. That’s how the same people who warned us about the coming Ice Age are now leading the Global Warming bandwagon. And how Dick Morris still gets paid to talk on television.

So let me start with what I got wrong about the 2012 elections. I said that either the national polls or the state polls would be proved very wrong. I trusted the national polls. I’d like to think I trusted them because Gallup and Pew have a decades-long track record of reliability, and not just because Rasmussen was whispering sweet nothings into my ear. The national polls were showing Mitt Romney with a huge lead among independents and a far more excited partisan base than Barack Obama.

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Learning from the Election- NH Watchdog Podcast

By Grant Bosse on November 9, 2012

Grant Bosse tells Paul Westcott what he learned from the 2012 Election, and what he got wrong, on this week’s edition of the NH Watchdog on WGIR podcast. Listen to NH Watchdog on WGIR every Friday at 7:20 on AM610 WGIR, 96.7 The Wave, through the I Heart Radio ap, or online at WGIRam.com.

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That Just Happened!

By Grant Bosse on November 8, 2012
This entry is part 37 of 40 in the series Josiah Bartlett Report

Charlie Arlinghaus analyzing the Election returns, and talks to Jack Heath about why it was such a great year for President Barack Obama and Democrats across New Hampshire. Listen to the Josiah Bartlett Report Wednesdays on NH Today with Jack Heath on 107.7 The Pulse, or download our podcast on ITunes or at NewHampshireWatchdog.org.

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A Crash Course at the Electoral College

By Grant Bosse on October 26, 2012

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott look behind the numbers in the last ten days of the 2012 Presidential Election, including which swing states are in play, how early voting could impact the race, whether the “Incumbent Rule” actually exists, and what happens in the case of an Electoral College tie. Tune into NH Watchdog on WGIR every Friday morning at 7:20 on AM610 WGIR and 96.7 The Wave, through the I Heart Radio ap, and online at WGIRam.com.

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NH Watchdog Poll- Election 2012

By Grant Bosse on October 19, 2012

The 2012 Elections are two weeks away, with voting already started in several states. Which best describes your intentions in the Presidential Race?

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NH Watchdog Poll- Democratic National Convention

By Grant Bosse on September 7, 2012

With the Democratic National Convention in the books, who do you think delivered the best speech in front of the prime time network audience?
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Libertarian Gary Johnson will be on NH Presidential Ballot

By Grant Bosse on September 4, 2012

(CONCORD, NH) Gary Johnson is joining Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in November. Secretary of State Bill Gardner confirms to New Hampshire Watchdog that the Libertarian Party of NH has submitted more than enough verified petitions to place Johnson and a small slate of Libertarian candidates on the General Election Ballot.

New Hampshire election laws allow political organizations to qualify as political parties in two ways; get more than 4% of the vote for Governor or U.S. Senate, or submit petitions signed by registered voters totalling 3% of the votes cast in the last General Election.

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NH Watchdog Poll- The Ryan VP Pick

By Grant Bosse on August 17, 2012

Last Saturday, Mitt Romney tapped Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Did this change your opinion of the 2012 Presidential Race?

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