Cow belching study, ban on toys in Happy Meals — government at work

By Grant Bosse on November 8, 2010
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Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid uses his notebook column to highlight some of the more obviously silly uses of taxpayer money.

Since government-mandated, grain-based ethanol fuel has been such a big success (driving up the price of food as farmers switched to growing for that market), government-mandated “green cow” purchases ought to be a sensation.

Instead of, “eat your dinner. Children are starving in China,” I can imagine the next parental campaign: “Drink your organic milk, dear. Cows are belching 20 percent less just for you.”

That should make the kids happier than a Happy Meal, which they will no longer get in San Francisco unless and until McDonald’s cuts the calories and lowers the salt content.

No more toys in Happy Meals in San Francisco. Says who? Says the local government, by an 8-to-3 vote of the city supervisors.

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