UNH spends $100,000 on new logos

By Grant Bosse on May 21, 2013
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Mark Hayward reports in the Union Leader that the University of New Hampshire is spending $100,000 to have a New York company to redesign the UNH logo.

An academic clock tower doesn’t really connect with UNH, according to marketing experts weighing in on the University of New Hampshire’s move to redesign its main calling card — its logo.

Last week, the university acknowledged it is paying about $100,000 to a New York City firm for the marketing makeover.

The university has shown three proposed logos to faculty, staff and other “stakeholders,” said Ludwig Bstieler, associate professor of marketing at UNH. A video of the design team’s recent on-campus presentation is also being circulated, he said.

Jamie Burnett, and numerous other online commentators, suggest that UNH could have gotten a better product by simply holding a contest to design a new logo to all UNH students, and awarding a prize well under $100,000 to the winner.

Prize-based research often yields superior results at lower costs. It essentially crowd-sources the grunt work, forces people to excel, and only ends up paying for the best ideas. If you subsidize research, you get lots of research, but if you subsidize results, you actually get results. UNH would have been better served to pay for results, but efficient use of resources is hardly a hallmark of the Durham campus.

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  1. Ernie Bridge
    11:23 am on May 24th, 2013

    Here’s a copy of my comment sent to UNH:
    What is wrong with you people?

    I’ve just read a brief news story that shows new UNH logo proposals and says that you are spending $100,000.00 to have it designed.


    I received a decent education there fifty years ago but my daughter graduated twenty years later with a near worthless degree that she supplemented with graduate degrees at Plymouth State.

    Now UNH has become a bloated and self satisfied cluster of unneeded real estate that actually pays a professor to teach rock climbing.

    Now, while you whine about not receiving enough unearned money from taxpayers you throw away the fair price of two professors on a logo that looks like a bank logo.


    Ernie Bridge “63”
    392 Lear Hill Road
    Unity, NH 03773



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