Libertarians fall well short of gaining ballot status in NH

By Grant Bosse on November 8, 2012
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(CONCORD) New Hampshire will stay a two-party state for the next two years, as Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate John Babiarz fell well short of the four percent he needed to get his party ballot status. Democrat Maggie Hassan easily beat Republican Ovide Lamontagne 54.6% to 42.5% on Tuesday. Babiarz earned more than 19,000 votes, which amounts to just 2.77% of the ballots cast for Governor.

John Babiarz

Currently, only the Republican and Democratic Parties are recognized as major parties in New Hampshire, which pays for each party’s Primary Election every other September, and guarantees their nominees a spot on the General Election Ballot. The state also funds the First in the National Presidential Primaries every four years. Third-party candidates or political organizations wanting to get onto the November ballot need to collect signed petitions totally three percent of all votes cast in the last General Election.

Independent candidates for Governor or Senate can earn ballot access for their party in the next election by getting four percent of all ballots cast in a statewide election. Babiarz fell 7,500 votes short of that goal.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson got just under 1.2% in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party last gained ballot status in the mid-90’s, and held it for three election cycles, electing several Representatives to the New Hampshire House. In order to field a slate in 2014, Libertarians will need to collect 21,000 petitions from New Hampshire voters.

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